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Who we are

Inspired by the blueprint used to take Founder and NFL Hall of Famer Edgerrin James from “Gold Teeth to Gold Jacket” Create the Life is a comprehensive subscription program dedicated to helping people achieve their life long goals.

it's all about a strong foundation

Our guiding principles


This is where success starts. What you believe about yourself determines whether you succeed or fall short.

Self Mastery

The practice of discpline with a focus on mind, body, and soul will lead to growth over time.

Financial Freedom

Getting to a place in life where money no longer serves as a barrier, but a catalyst for your growth.

Community / NETWORKING

Focusing on building your network with like minded individuals will lead to longevity and lasting success.


The freedom provided to you as a result of your dedication and excellence makes the journey worth it.

What is Create the life?

Why Join?

We invest in each other

CTL offers a safe space for you to share and explore new investment opportunities with other members.

Life Long Learning

CTL offers live workshops in the form of online courses and retreats facilitated by leading experts covering topics such as: mental and physical health, estate planning, tech investing, and entrepreneurship, to name a few.

On-Demand content

No matter where you are, stay committed to your self mastery goals with our extensive library of videos, podcasts, ebooks and recorded workouts offered exclusively to CTL members.

Exclusive Event Access

Where networking and good times collide! Get exclusive access to Create The Life members only events such as concerts, parties, NFL games, conferences and much more.

Personalized Coaching

Using Edgerrin's methods and systems, the CTL 1-on-1 coaching model is a personalized elite training system dedicated to helping participants crush their personal and professional goals.

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become the architect of your dream life

Listen, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that attaining success is easy. It's not. It takes long hours, consistent dedication, battling inner doubts, and a whole lot of other things that would make the normal human quit.

But I'll tell you what: it's worth every single ounce of effort you put in, 100 times over.

-Edgerrin James, NFL Hall of Famer

success doesn't just happen overnight

The come up

Edgerrin grows up in Imokalee, Florida, and takes a quick liking to football as he sees it as the path to support his family. "Maybe you got it out the grass. Maybe you got it off the pavement or whatever. But in Imokalee, we get it out the mud my boy." - EJ

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